Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tunnel Kiln Technology to Make DRI

How about discussing DRI Tunnel Kiln Technology, today? DRI is the abbreviated form of Direct
Reduced Iron. The tunnel kiln process was first introduced by CASE Group in India. There were some issues during its introduction. But, now it is free from any confusion. The technology uses iron ore fines and coal together to make DRI with quality grades of 90% metallization.

With the help of tunnel kiln technology, the fines of iron ore and coal are mixed together and are loaded into Silicon Carbide breakers. The SiC breakers are then loaded onto cars which is made to pass through the tunnel kiln. The material undergoes various chemical changes at different level of temperature and pressure inside the kiln. The oxides of iron are reduced which results in final output. The process is not an easy task.

Engineers and workers have to  consider systematic steps accomplish the production process successfully. To get detailed process layout, contact CASE Group engineers.

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