Friday, September 18, 2015

Coal Gasification Gasifier Made in India

Gasifier are specialized equipment used in the process of gasification. Now-a-days, coal gasifiers are
on high demand. Industries dealing with glass manufacturing, ceramics, insulators etc consider using gasifier to generate heat energy for thermal application.

CASE Group in India is a leading supplier of coal gasifier for crude gas station and clean gas station, as well. The equipment present state-of-art technology with international standard performance. 

Following are the features of coal gasification gasifier manufactured in India

  • Easy to operate
  • Generate high calorific value of gas
  • Generate high volume of coal gas to be used for heat application
  • Assures no tar formation in the pipeline and gasifier
  • In case of gasifier for clean gas station, all types of coal can be used as raw material.

Besides the aforesaid features, there are lot more which ensures increased productivity with minial production cost.

To get detailed information, feel free to contact CASE Group.

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