Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Circulating Fluidized Bed Coal (CFBC) Gasification Technology

CFBC gasification is presently rated as the most economical, environmental friendly, operational ease and latest technology in coal gasification.

Process Flow: After crushing and sieving, the coal (size <10mm) is transferred to the main gasifier bin through conveyors and coal scuttles. The coal from the main bin is injected into the gasifier from the lower section of the gasifier shell with the help of screw feeders. Pre-heated air along with steam is pumped into the gasifier shell. The coal is combusted at temperatures above 1000dg C.  Coal streams are in the fluidisation state, the furnace contains no dry distillation layer, and the tars, phenols and cyanides decompose completely under high temperature and are converted to complex hydro carbon structures and become an integral part of the combustible gas.

Coal Gas at temperatures above 950dg C flows through cyclone separator, high temperature preheater/ waste heat recovery, fly-ash filter and gas cooler for cooling down. The clean cold gas can then be transported though pipeline for usage at required pressures and volumes.

CFBC gasification successfully substitutes the use of high cost fuels such as heating oil, LDO, HFO, natural gas, propane etc. These fuels which are used for the thermal application of the process are substituted by Coal gas/ Producer gas generated through coal gasification technologies.

CASE is in partnership with KEDA (China) who are the pioneers of CFBC gasification technologies. KEDA has more than 100 installations running successfully in various applications. These gasifiers come in capacities of 20,000-60,000 in single models.

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Monday, September 2, 2019

CASE Hot Gas, Multi Fuel, Gasifier

CASE Updraft Gasifiers

Fuel flexibility is the main feature of updraft multifuel gasifiers. These gasifiers can operate on either coal or biomass. CASE updraft gasifiers tolerate higher ash content, higher moisture content and greater size variation in fuel as compared to downdraft gasifiers.

In updraft gasifiers, gas is drawn out of the gasifier from the top of the fuel bed while the gasification reactions take place near the bottom. As the producer gas passes through the fuel bed, it picks-up volatile matter (tars) and moisture from the fuel. Therefore, the gas from the updraft gasifier contains condensable volatiles. The design and operation of the gasifiers is such that the gas comes out at 450-500°C temperature. At this temperature, most of the volatile hydrocarbons are in vapor form, which add to the energy content of the gas. It is most appropriate to utilize updraft gasifiers in close-coupled-hot gas mode for direct heating applications. However, if the application warrants, the scrubbing of gas to remove the volatiles/ tars is also carried out.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

CASE Commissions gasifier for 100tpd DRI rotary kiln.

With the monsoons coming to an end, secondary steel plants in the business of sponge iron making are gearing up to cater to the much anticipated increase in demand of steel in the local markets. With infrastructure projects taking a forefront in shaping tomorrows india, the steel industry is poised for a mega revival.

The increase in demand is quickly followed by increased costs of production. To keep a check on this vicious phenomenon SKS Ispat & Power Limited, Raipur, successfully commissions their Coal Gasification Plant which they have installed for their 100TPD sponge iron rotary kiln. This technology brings about various advantages like lower C/Fe Ratios, Higher Steam generation in turn an increased power through the waste heat recovery boiler (WHRB), extended kiln cycles etc.... to name a few. In terms of monetary savings this technology guarantees an estimated figures of Rs.12 million per annum. With low CAPEX and OPEX the coal gasifier technology for DRI rotary kiln is much welcomed by this segment of the industry.

Apart from this project CASE has successfully installed and commissioned more than 30 such gasifiers across the country. Mr. Roger Kumar, Managing Director of CASE Group has congradulated the entire team of SKS and CASE for making this project yet another one of CASE success stories........

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

High Calorific Value Gas

Coal gas produced from CASE Coal Gasifiers produce gas at very high temperatures (+450C) by which all
volatile matter of the Coal is converted into gaseous state and becomes an integral part of the coal gas.
This volatile matter adds to the calorific value of coal gas. Thus, the overall calorific value of this gas is
very high.

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Coal Gasifier Low on Capex

Apart from the direct money saver this technology also has advantages in following parameters:-
  • a) Increase of Kiln Capacity by 20%.
  • b) Increase of campaign life.
  • c) Increase in metallization. Hence, better recovery in melting.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

No Phenol No Tar Coal Gasifier

CASE Coal Gasifier for DRI Rotary Kiln saving tremendous coal used for reduction of Iron Ore. The system could be easily installed in the present setup & is totally PLC controlled Automatic equipment.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Hot Gas Station

This CASE gasifier is totally PLC controlled automatic machine. CASE also provides consultancy and engineering for alteration/ change of central burner pipe and other parameters required for successful implementation of project.

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