Thursday, September 10, 2015

How to Make Gasifier Process Cheap

Fuel price is soaring each day, not only in India but across the globe. Known to all, fuel is the heart and soul for almost all kind of industries. It is really become tough for industries to maintain the demand-supply chain. The sharply increasing price is affecting small-budget industries to a great extend.

To ease industries, CASE has come up with a unique technology which can at least minimize the production cost. Guess what? Its the coal gasification process which can be used for all kind of thermal application. Check the following points which presents the process to make gasifier process cost-effective.

  • Use coal instead of fuel like petrol, diesel, kerosene etc

Coal is abundant and so industries will not face the shortage of feedstock material all the year round. Moreoever, CASE gasifier is compatible with all types of coal and it ensures no pollution as well.

Do not sweep away the coal fines scattered around on site. Recycle them by making quality coal briquetes. CASE gasifier allows usage of coal briquettes which can save almost 30% of coal used in reduction process.

Till, I come up with some more tips, stay tuned.

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