Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gasifier for Rotary Kiln Gas Station

Known to all that India is the largest producer of Sponge Iron in the world. About 90% of production
is sponge iron comes from secondary steel industries that use rotary kiln process. 

According to a recent survey, it is found that during the operation of rotary kiln approximately 40% - 60% of the coal is fired from the outlet side from 0mm onward as coal injection.

CASE Group in India has brought a revolutionary change in the industry. The organization has introduced a gasification technology which can replace use of coal fines in the Rotary Kiln with coal gas. The gas not only replaces the coal fines but also results in the overall saving of about 20% of the total coal used. It is likely that the technology has given new life to Sponge iron plants. 

The gasifier for DRI Rotary Kiln is PLC controlled automatic machine. For complete information, contact CASE Group Gasifier engineers.

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